The media as watchdog for transparency in healthcare

Date : 25/10/2016

Media plays a crucial role in exposing and holding those accountable who abuse their power for personal gain. Often, taking up this role is much easier said than done. Various stakeholders might exercise pressure on agents, such as journalists, impeding on their independence and subsequently, harming the quality of journalism.

Transparency International Belgium has the honour to invite three esteemed speakers from various backgrounds related to media and communications in the field of healthcare, to shed some light on the possible challenges they face in their daily work.

Reporting mainly on Health & Consumers, Sarantis Michalopoulos, will tell us more about his work as journalist for Euractiv. He will use a few cases to illustrate the temptations journalists have to resist in order to not betray their ethical principles.

Jean-Paul Marthoz, with his unrivalled track record in defending media freedom and pluralism, will share his views on this important topic as advisor to the Ethical Journalism Network (EJN) – the international network of media professionals whose aim is to advance education in and around the principles of ethical journalism.

Director of Communications at EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations), Andy Powrie-Smith will provide us with some insights from the industry addressing the issue of transparency and ethics.

Both NGOs, like Transparency International, and the media play a similar role as providers of reliable information and as creators of awareness. They act as watchdogs in the healthcare ecosystem aiming to reduce corruption and promote transparency, integrity and accountability. During our debate, we will try to answer important questions such as: the role of journalism and free media in preventing and/or making public cases of corruption in the healthcare ecosystem? Is the media subject to the pressures from various stakeholders, both internal and external? How does the industry tackle the issues of transparency and ethics when dealing with the media?


– Jean-Paul Marthoz, a Belgian journalist and longtime press freedom and human rights activist. He teaches international journalism at the Université catholique de Louvain and is a columnist for the Belgian daily Le Soir.

– Sarantis Michalopoulos, Journalist at covering Health & Consumers

– Andy Powrie-Smith, Director of Communications at EFPIA (European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations)

Moderator: Francesco Vinci, Policy Advisor at News Media Europe and member of Young TI


18.15-18.45: Registration

18.45-19:30: Presentations key-note speakers

19.30-20.00: Q&A and concluding remarks

20.00: Snacks and drinks 

Venue: Rue de l’Industrie/Nijverheidsstraat 10, 1000 Brussels

This is event is for free, but in light of the catering, registration is mandatory.

The evening is organised by Young TI members: Lubumbe Van de Velde, Nikoleta Arnaudova and Francesco Vinci.


Call for ‘Youth press’

Call for youth press

FR(Elnglish Below)

Les 7 et 8 décembre prochains, à Naples, Libera se rassemblera pour clôturer le parcours « Officine Libere » (Ateliers Libres), la tournée d’idées et de projets qui a traversé l’Italie pour réfléchir à un nouveau modèle de développement local. Les deux journées seront centrées sur les thèmes suivants : l’innovation et la jeunesse. Deux énergies positives et dynamiques qui essayent de développer des espaces de participation collective, des actions efficaces et des pratiques territoriales d’antimafia sociale et des communautés alternatives, moins divisées, moins hétérogènes, mais plus cohérentes et coresponsables. Continue reading “Call for ‘Youth press’”