Festa della Liberazione

 “Festa della Liberazione”, is the annual event organized in occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of Italy from fascism. The event will be held the 24th April, starting at 12  p.m., at “Ten Weyngaert” Bondgenotenstraat 54, 1190 Forest.

A meal including pasta, a salad, bread and a slice of cake will be offered for € 10 excluding drinks (€ 12 without pre-sales, for reservation please send an email to 25aprilebxl@gmail.com or contact number0472098231). 

The programme of the day will foresee as well: 

          From 12.30:  animation for children, organized by Vanessa Sorrentino.

          From 14.30:  an initiative on the Constitutional referendum and a debate on the political and social situation in Sicily following the Allied landing in the region in 1943.

The event will conclude at 17.00. 

The event is organized with the contribution of COMITES Brussels-Brabant Flanders and the participation of the following associations:  Antonio Gramsci Brussels,  “SEL /Sinistra Italiana, Alternativa Comune, Rifondazione Comunista, Possibile Brussels, PD/Punto Democratico, Inca- CGIL, ANPI, Comune del Belgio, URCA, Meet up Bruxelles, Libera Bruxelles, Casi-UO.

For further information you may have a look to the following web pages:

Festa della Liberazione on Facebook

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Questionario Comites Belgio

Il Comites del Belgio sta promuovendo un questionario per raccogliere le opinioni sui servizi per gli emigrati italiani in Belgio (Iscritti o meno all’AIRE). E’ importante partecipare perché in linea con la promozione di procedure più trasparenti e partecipate.

Ci sarà tempo fino al 22 Aprile per rispondere al questionario.

Qui trovate il link diretto: Questionario Comites Belgio