Lotta alla corruzione e alla criminalità organizzata

Libera Bruxelles vi invita a partecipare all’ incontro organizzato dall’ On. Laura Ferrara e che si svolgerà al Parlamento europeo di Bruxelles mercoledì 29 giugno 2016 alle ore 15.00 in vista del voto della commissione LIBE sul rapporto di iniziativa sulla lotta contro la corruzione e il seguito dato alla risoluzione della commissione CRIM, di cui l’On. Ferrara è relatrice.

Per l’accreditamento in Parlamento è necessario inviare il proprio nominativo e la copia del documento di identità a goffredo.cardinale(at)europarl.europa.eu entro il 16 giugno p.v.


Libera Bruxelles at the Brussels Film Festival

This year Libera Brussels is supporting and promoting the 14th edition of the Brussels Film Festival because we believe that “Culture” is the key point to fight against organised crime, corruption and all the forms of abuse of power towards the weakest.

Therefore we are pleased to invite you to the Italian Evening on June 20 from 19h00 (download the programme here)

For more information about the Italian Evening

About the Brussels Film Festival – Dedicated to European Cinema 
From 17 to 24 june 2016 > a festive, competitive and addictive event
8 days of exploring more than 20 european countries, 100 feature and shortfilms selected out of more than 1000 movies, more than 50.000 euros in prizes to encourage the cinematographical creation and promotion in Europe, a Panorama Section, avant-premières, Belgian short films, and Movie Docs. Of course a diverse, but convinced European jury, a very expected guest of honor, actors and directors who come to defend their film. Also on the program : debates, conferences master classes, DJ sets and of course our famous open-air screenings, free and convivial.

European Cinema stands for cultural diversity. The Brussels Film Festival encourages this. And you?

Raccolta firme in Consolato sul Referendum

Cari e Care,

vi informiamo che da qualche giorno è possibile firmare per la richiesta di Referendum contro la riforma della Costituzione alla Cancelleria Consolare di Bruxelles, rue de Livourne 38.

Gli orari sono:
Martedì – Giovedì – Venerdì : dalle 9.00 alle 12.30
Lunedì – Mercoledì : dalle 9.00 alle 12.30 e dalle 14.30 alle 16.00

Non c’è bisogno di appuntamento, all’ingresso bisogna annunciare l’intenzione di firmare per i referendum e chiedere dell’Ufficio elettorale.

È anche possibile firmare per i due quesiti per abrogare l’Italicum, i formulari sono in Consolato.

Al momento possono firmare solo gli iscritti aire di Bruxelles, perché alla Cancelleria consolare è stato soppresso l’ufficio notarile, e quindi siamo in attesa di istruzioni dal MAE per le autentiche di firma per gli iscritti AIRE non di Bxl e per i NON iscritti aire.

Il termine entro il quale è possibile firmare è il 20 giugno.

2 Juin 2016 – Forum citoyenneté

Pour un accès facilité à la citoyenneté belge et une citoyenneté démocratique active des étrangers !

Libera Bruxelles sera presente et vous invite à participer à la 2e édition du Forum citoyenneté

Date : le jeudi 2 juin 2016 de 9h30 à 20h30

Lieu : Université populaire d’Anderlecht UPA, Rue du Chimiste 34-36 à 1070 Anderlecht

L’ asbl Objectif se mobilise et organise un deuxième grand Forum Citoyenneté, cette année encore,  pour soutenir les candidats à la nationalité belge et pour promouvoir une citoyenneté démocratique active. Ce  Forum Citoyenneté est organisé en partenariat avec les asbl ENAR, Lire et Ecrire Bruxelles, Bon, le C.A.S.G Bxl- Sud –Est, Hispano Belga, El Andino , Inca-Cgil,  Orpheus, La Commune del Belgio, Europe4people, Arthis,  ACW brussel, MPG (Migration Policy Group).

Ce forum met l’accent sur plusieurs défis qui se posent pour la démocratie et pour le vivre-ensemble en Belgique. Il sera notamment question d’aborder le problème du déficit d’intérêt politique des citoyens, du faible engagement au sein de la société civile ainsi que de l’accès à la nationalité belge rendu difficile.

En effet, d’une part, alors que les flux d’immigration augmentent partout dans le monde, que le nombre d’étrangers en Belgique est en hausse [1] et qu’il est indéniable que l’accession à la nationalité favorise l’intégration socio-économique des immigrés [2] ; les conditions d’acquisition de la nationalité belge ont paradoxalement été durcies avec le nouveau Code de la Nationalité de 2013 [3]. D’autre part, alors que la question de la participation électorale des étrangers est cruciale pour la représentation politique d’un pays démocratique, le taux d’inscription des ressortissants non-nationaux aux élections communales et européennes est très faible en Belgique [4].

Ce Forum Citoyenneté rassemblera :

  • Des stands interactifs pour sensibiliser les visiteurs à la participation à la vie de la société civile
  • Toutes les informations  pour s’inscrire sur les listes électorales pour voter aux élections communales et aux européennes
  • Toutes les informations pratiques sur le code de la nationalité belge
  • Des consultations individuelles sur les démarches à entreprendre et sur les attestations à obtenir pour introduire une demande d’accès à la nationalité belge
  • Des consultations juridiques liées au droit européen et à son impact sur les droits des migrants

Il y aura aussi lors de ce Forum deux moments débats avec des personnalités d’origine étrangère du monde politique et socioculturel qui viendront témoigner et échanger avec le public concernant leur parcours de citoyen.

Pour plus d’information http://www.allrights.be/forum

Conference on “Organised crime, corruption and impact on vulnerable groups”

On 21st April 2016, Libera attended a conference at the European Parliament on  “Organised crime, corruption and impact on vulnerable groups”. 

The presentation of Prof A. Vannucci (Univ. of Pisa: http://anticorrp.eu ) and his assistant, followed by that of Prof A. Rusev (Center for the study of democracy, Sofia – Bulgaria: www.csd.bg ) focused on the political corruption and organised crime in Europe. Special report on Italy and Bulgaria indicated possible recommendations for all EU countries. Mrs. C. Chinnici hosted the meeting but was not able to be present and sent a letter for introducing the importance of this research. The complete reports and collected data are available in the specific website. The main aim of the whole research project, funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, seeks to advance the knowledge on how corruption can be curbed in Europe and elsewhere.

Libera Bruxelles on March 22nd

On March 21st, in the heart of Brussels, a group of people, friends of Libera Bruxelles, of Luigi Scuotto, of Belgicanos, met together to remember the innocent victims of organized crime and the importance of the “engagement” to avoid new victims. On March 22nd, Brussels was hurt by two terroristic attacks were more than 30 people lost their lives, more than 30 families lost their relatives and more than three thousand got lost in the fear.

After one month Libera Bruxelles wants to express his deepest solidarity with all the touched people – directly or indirectly – and strongly condemns the authors of this horrible crime.
As citizens, as immigrants, as people engaged on our societies’ development, we appreciate Brussels for its tradition of tolerance and its spirit of openness towards diverse people of different ethnic origins, religions, cultures. We hope that these tragic events will not change these features and Brussels will continue to be our city, our community, able to integrate new people with curiosity and hospitality!

The fight against terrorism reminds us the fight against mafias and organised crime. It is not just a religious/ cultural problem. It is first of all an economic game. And as all the economic war it involves considerable movements of money, mainly transnational.  If our governments really want to fight against these crimes, as the judge Falcone said more than 20 years ago, we need to follow the money: from their source till their destination. Cutting their funding is a fundamental form of prevention, which should go together with a culture of peace. If we don’t, all sort of strategy will be in vain. On the contrary it will create more human  monsters, more wars, more victims, more sadness for the worldwide community.

For these reasons we do not want just accept and hope that somebody else will save us. We need to act, we need foster our engagement against any criminal plan. We need to stand by each other to nor fall in the “terror game” and keep building our democracy. There is not democracy where there is no freedom. And there is no freedom where there is fear. This concerns all sort of criminal organizations attempting our freedom: from mafias, passing by corrupted governments, till political and religious extremism.

Today politicians and the press are remembering the victims and condemning the attacks again. However we believe that is useless just to cry and to remember them looking at the TV or on social media without acting. We can and we must remember those victims, and their stories should be the engine of our daily engagement. Memory and Engagement need to walk hands by hands to overcome the obstacles; Memory and Engagement need to work side by side to create bridges; Memory and Engagement need to look into each other’s eyes step by step to not get lost.
We have a long path to do.. let’s do it together!

Festa della Liberazione

 “Festa della Liberazione”, is the annual event organized in occasion of the anniversary of the liberation of Italy from fascism. The event will be held the 24th April, starting at 12  p.m., at “Ten Weyngaert” Bondgenotenstraat 54, 1190 Forest.

A meal including pasta, a salad, bread and a slice of cake will be offered for € 10 excluding drinks (€ 12 without pre-sales, for reservation please send an email to 25aprilebxl@gmail.com or contact number0472098231). 

The programme of the day will foresee as well: 

          From 12.30:  animation for children, organized by Vanessa Sorrentino.

          From 14.30:  an initiative on the Constitutional referendum and a debate on the political and social situation in Sicily following the Allied landing in the region in 1943.

The event will conclude at 17.00. 

The event is organized with the contribution of COMITES Brussels-Brabant Flanders and the participation of the following associations:  Antonio Gramsci Brussels,  “SEL /Sinistra Italiana, Alternativa Comune, Rifondazione Comunista, Possibile Brussels, PD/Punto Democratico, Inca- CGIL, ANPI, Comune del Belgio, URCA, Meet up Bruxelles, Libera Bruxelles, Casi-UO.

For further information you may have a look to the following web pages:

Festa della Liberazione on Facebook

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