About Libera Terra

Libera Terra (“Freed Land”) was created with the aim of developing stunning but historically “difficult” territories. After a social and productive rehabilitation of assets freed from various mafia groups, the organization aims to obtain high quality products, which respect both the environment and the dignity of its workers. But Libera Terra also plays an active role by involving other producers, who share the same principles, and by promoting organic farming more generally.  The mission of the Libera Terra project is to give dignity to territories with a strong mafia presence through the creation of autonomous and cooperative farms that are self-sufficient, stable, and that are able to create work places, thereby establishing a moral economic system based on legality, social justice and market.

Libera Terra reunites the social coops which, under guidance from “Libera (Freed). Associations, Names and Numbers Against Mafia Organizations” run productions and hundreds of hectares of property taken from mafia organizations in Sicily, Apulia, Calabria and Campania.
Pasta, legumes, extra virgin olive oil, honey,

 sweet and savory preserves, mozzarella di bufala and limoncello are just a few of the products produced by Libera Terra. Using the best organic raw materials, the products rediscover the typical flavors of the territory and present provide a high nutritional and organoleptic profile.