05/07/2016 Libera Bxl Réunion/Meeting

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Voulez-vous participer à notre réunion et de prendre part au combat contre le crime organisé? Vous ne savez pas comment vous pouvez aider, mais vous voulez être engagé contre la corruption? Vous avez des idées, des propositions et de l’énergie à partager avec nous?

Venez participer à notre prochaine réunion le Mardi 5 Juillet 2016 à 18:00 @ BOOM – Le Café du Commerce Equitable (Pletinckxstraat 7, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique).

Pour les nouveaux membres un mail de confirmation est nécessaire via bruxelles (at) libera.it – Pour les membres ordinaires, la réunion commencera à 18:30.
Nous avons attendons!


Would you like to attend our meeting and take part to the fight organized crime? You don’t know how you can help but you would like to be engaged against corruption? You have ideas, propositions and energy to share with us?

Come and participate to our next meeting on Tuesday 5 July 2016 at 18:00 @ BOOM –  Le Café du Commerce Equitable (Pletinckxstraat 7, 1000 Brussel, Belgio).

For the new members a confirmation mail is required via bruxelles(at)libera.it –  For the ordinary members, the meeting will start at 18:30.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Mardi 7 Juin – Réunion de Libera

Réunion ordinaire de Libera Bruxelles

Mardi 07 Juin 2016  à 18h30

BOOM – Le Café du Commerce Équitable

(7 Rue Pletinckx, 1000 Bruxelles)

Pour les nouveaux membres, rdv à 18h00 aprés avoir donné confirmation à l’addresse bruxelles(at)libera.it

Nous vous attendons!!!

21 March 2016 – Day of Memory and Commitment to remember the Victims of organised crime

21 MARCH 2016

H 19.00-21.30

@ BOOM! Le cafe du commerce equitable

7 Rue Pletinckx, 1000 Brussels

Day of Memory and Commitment to remember the Victims of organised crimeLibera Bruxelles

Journée de la mémoire et de l’engagement à la mémoire des victimes de la criminalité organisée

Giornata della Memoria e dell’Impegno in ricordo delle vittime della criminalità organizzata

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30 March 2015 “Their ideas will walk on our legs” – Struggling against organized crime today

In the framework of the Falcone – Borsellino Series, College of Europe students will have the opportunity to discuss the crucial issue of the fight against organized crime with Mrs Rita Borsellino and Marcella Militello as Representative of Libera Bruxelles. Other member of Libera Bruxelles took part to the event.

Mrs Rita BORSELLINO is the sister of Paolo BORSELLINO and one of the most popular anti-mafia activists in Sicily. She was a Member of the European Parliament from 2009 to 2014 and she is one of the founders of “Libera. Associations, names and numbers against mafias”. read more

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Restarting the Future and the Italian association against mafia, Libera, organised a huge event with a big list of MEPs, European NGOs and hundreds of participants during the International Anti-Corruption Dayin the European Parliament. A successful meeting and a decisive step in our fight against wrongdoing and mafia in the European Union.

Yesterday was an important work session between NGOs and MEPs  in order to discuss the priorities against crime and corruption in Europe, a reality which cost “around 120 billion euros per year to the European citizens”, reminded Elly Schlein, democratic MEP. This is why the implementation of effective measures “is an urgency and the European Parliament will find the right solutions” said Schlein. She is one of the 67MEPs who have shown their commitment to the creation of an Intergroup on Integrity: Transparency, Anti-corruption and Oganised Crime.

This important tool, which is going to be real the next December 11th, is one of the main objectives on which the NGOs and MEPs have been working for months. In this regard, six are the priorities that the NGO’s suggest to develop and improve during the Intergroup agenda: promoting transparency, good administration and whistleblowing; a European Day of Memory and Commitment; a European law for Confiscated Assets, the European Public Prosecutor; and enforcement of the existing legislation on money laundering; to strengthen criminal sanctions and define the “Eco-crimes”.

In addition, the event focused the discussions around the problem of the Organised Crime. In fact,  “mafia and corruption are two sides of the same coin”, said father Luigi Ciotti, the founder of Libera. “The Mafia Capitale scandal has seriously shaken Italy, Rome, and our public opinion. But I want to thank the police and the bench: by defining this mobster scandal with the ‘mafia’ crime, the police is stating that mafia and corruption are linked. Mafia is an aggravating factor for bribery crimes”. 

The fight against mafia “is a sensitive topic in Italy, taking into account that it is still a fruitful business after more than 150 years. But this is a European problem and that’s why we are here” assured Don Ciotti.

Philippe Lamberts, the Green Group leader at the European Parliament, was agree  with Don Ciotti. He said that the Organised Crime in an“European issue, not just Italian”. In his opinion, “there is no difference between financial markets manipulation and the Italian crime. Also the States are guilty of fraud. Think about Luxembourg, or Belgium”.

Now the focus is on an European Directive on whistleblowing, protecting the ones who decide to denounce corruption in all the States Member. In this regard, during the afternoon our team presented the first Restarting the Future’s report about Whistleblowing: “Blowing the Whistle on Corruption. A campaign for a European Directive in defence of Whistleblowers” which found promising results about the implementation of this law in Europe, taking in account the positives findings of its implementation in other states such as United States.

In short, it was a day where all the important European actors were united in order to raise awareness of the issue of corruption within politics and society-at-large and to discuss together the upcoming measures in our common path against Corruption and Organised Crime.This was the another step to Restarting the future.

Original post published on Restarting the Future Website

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09 December 2014 – International Anti-Corruption Day “Zero Corruption. 100% Development”

International Anti-Corruption Day

“Zero Corruption. 100% Development”

Happy Birthday Libera Brussels 1 year

Public roundtable / Social Village / Video Projection/ Libera Terra products to taste


Date: 9 December 2014                                                                       Time: 18:00 – 22:00

Venue: Micromarché, Quai à la Houille 9, 1000 Bruxelles website en.micromarche.com

Background :

December 9 is the International Anti-Corruption Day.

Corruption is a serious crime that undermines social and economic development. It concerns all countries and affects everyone. It undermines democratic institutions, erodes citizens trust in their political representatives, diverts resources from public utilities to private uses, slows down economic development.

To mark the International Anti-Corruption Day, Libera Bruxelles, together with other peer CSOs, will host a public roundtable to raise awareness about the necessary tools (at the European and Belgian level) to fight political corruption as well as the role of CSOs in promoting legality, and transparency in public decision making.

During the event, different  Belgium-based actors will showcase and provide information about their work to fight corruption, conflict of interests (revolving doors), and to promote a culture of legality, transparency, and public scrutiny over public decision making process: the social village.


18:30 – 20:00

Roundtable: “Zero Corruption. 100% Development : The social and economic costs of corruption”


  • Elisa Baldini, former representative of Libera Brussels
  • Don Luigi Ciotti President of “Libera . Associations, names and numbers against mafias”


  • Francisco Milán , Restarting the Future Policy Adviser (digital campaign aimed at promoting transparency and fighting corruption in Europe)
  • Corporate Europe Observatory – The revolving doors campaign
  • Gudrun Vandewalle, academic expert on Financial and Economic crime and Governance and Ethics


  • Méabh Mc Mahon, Journalist in Brussels



Art performances

Michel Gilbert will animate the event and help us in growing awareness on corruption through their art.

Social Village

The ‘Social Village’ is a place where all actors active in fighting corruption  will have the possibility to show their work, activities, projects, partnership and share useful information concerning the fight against corruption in all their forms. Through the social village, LIBERA Bruxelles aims at making a first step towards a CSOs platform to fight corruption and organised crime.

Food and Drinks

After the roundtable, there will be moment where speakers, participants, associations and artists will have the possibility to know each others, share their experiences, values and project ideas while drinking and tasting the delicious product of Libera terra

Libera Terra Shop

Libera Terra reunites the social coops which, under guidance from “Libera (Freed). Associations, Names and Numbers Against Mafia Organizations” run productions and hundreds of hectares of property taken from mafia organizations in Sicily, Apulia, Calabria and Campania. Pasta, legumes, extra virgin olive oil, honey, sweet and savory preserves, mozzarella di bufala and limoncello are just a few of the products produced by Libera Terra. Using the best organic raw materials, the products rediscover the typical flavors of the territory and present provide a high nutritional and organoleptic profile.

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17 February 2014 – Presentation of the Presidium of Libera Brussels

Presentation of the Presidium of Libera  Brussels at Piola Libri

Lectures on the Legality by Franco La Torre

Presentation of the Book “That day. Stories of victims of mafias in the story of their family” EGA-Edizioni Gruppo Abele, 2013 Series: I Quaderni Di Libera Con Narcomafie;

  • Intervention of the journalist Paolo Raffone;
  • Readings: Tiziana Arcarese;
  • Music: Diego Gandolfo

DOWNLOAD Invito presentazione Antenna di LIBERA Bruxelles – Apero Reading con Franco La Torre presso la Piola Libri

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