Libera Bruxelles on March 22nd

On March 21st, in the heart of Brussels, a group of people, friends of Libera Bruxelles, of Luigi Scuotto, of Belgicanos, met together to remember the innocent victims of organized crime and the importance of the “engagement” to avoid new victims. On March 22nd, Brussels was hurt by two terroristic attacks were more than 30 people lost their lives, more than 30 families lost their relatives and more than three thousand got lost in the fear.

After one month Libera Bruxelles wants to express his deepest solidarity with all the touched people – directly or indirectly – and strongly condemns the authors of this horrible crime.
As citizens, as immigrants, as people engaged on our societies’ development, we appreciate Brussels for its tradition of tolerance and its spirit of openness towards diverse people of different ethnic origins, religions, cultures. We hope that these tragic events will not change these features and Brussels will continue to be our city, our community, able to integrate new people with curiosity and hospitality!

The fight against terrorism reminds us the fight against mafias and organised crime. It is not just a religious/ cultural problem. It is first of all an economic game. And as all the economic war it involves considerable movements of money, mainly transnational.  If our governments really want to fight against these crimes, as the judge Falcone said more than 20 years ago, we need to follow the money: from their source till their destination. Cutting their funding is a fundamental form of prevention, which should go together with a culture of peace. If we don’t, all sort of strategy will be in vain. On the contrary it will create more human  monsters, more wars, more victims, more sadness for the worldwide community.

For these reasons we do not want just accept and hope that somebody else will save us. We need to act, we need foster our engagement against any criminal plan. We need to stand by each other to nor fall in the “terror game” and keep building our democracy. There is not democracy where there is no freedom. And there is no freedom where there is fear. This concerns all sort of criminal organizations attempting our freedom: from mafias, passing by corrupted governments, till political and religious extremism.

Today politicians and the press are remembering the victims and condemning the attacks again. However we believe that is useless just to cry and to remember them looking at the TV or on social media without acting. We can and we must remember those victims, and their stories should be the engine of our daily engagement. Memory and Engagement need to walk hands by hands to overcome the obstacles; Memory and Engagement need to work side by side to create bridges; Memory and Engagement need to look into each other’s eyes step by step to not get lost.
We have a long path to do.. let’s do it together!


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