From Avellino to Buenos Aires: stories of textile industries which are symbolic of the fight against all Mafias.

On the 21st of October in Quindici, near Avellino – Campania-, the knitwear factory “100Quindici passi” was inaugurated. The property was previously a bunker villa belonging to the Graziano clan. The textile company is the result of the commitment from Libera and is symbolic of how the local community took its territory back. The municipality of Quindici is very well known for the activities carried out by the camorra clan of the Grazianos. In fact, the day before the roll-out of 100Quindici passi someone unknown opened fire on the property, destroying the name plaque. Meanwhile in Buenos Aires – Argentina – a mass was celebrated for the many victims of human trafficking and exclusion. The mass ended with the donation of a sewing machine to the SOHO cooperative, a business currently owned by the workers, which had  previously been accused of producing clothing by exploiting its workers as if  they were slaves.
For further information on both issues you can read the article in Spanish on the Libera webpage.


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