The fight against mafia arrives in Brussels!

Good morning!

We are Libera Brussels, an association born in December 2013, made of activists who work on a voluntary basis to raise awareness on the transnational nature of organized crime, advance understanding of this phenomenon in Belgium and Europe and promote a culture of legality.  Libera Brussels is the Belgium-based presidium of the Italian network “Libera. Associations, names and numbers against mafias” created in 1995 with the purpose of supporting the fight against mafias and organized crime

Five are the main fields of its involvement: i) provide training aboutorganized crime, mafias and corruption; ii) collect data and figures about organisedcrime and mafias in Belgium; iii) raise awareness on the presence and activities oforganised crime and mafias in Belgium; iv) facilitate the inter-exchange among associations, groups and institutions fighting against mafia in Belgium; and v) participate to the international network of Libera.


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